Rajiv Khurana

Founder -
Mr. Rajiv Khurana, is the CEO and Founder, The Personnel Lab. He has over 36 years of Industry and consulting experience in corporate world. He is an International Consultant & Trainer, Venture Mentor, Executive Coach, Writer and Social Entrepreneur.  is the initiative by Rajiv Khurana to serve over 200 million people who dislike the idea of retiring during 50-65 years of age. People at this age are not OLD. They are the gOLD – rich with experience, energy and zeal to do something more meaningful in life through bOLD steps. is a newly minted metaphor of the current age. Your age. We are your co-companion whenever you desire a fresh re-start.

We enable you. We create the platform for your re-engagement. We stay with you. We walk with you into a bright new sun where you may discover the right opportunities for your economic, professional, entrepreneurial or social engagements, desires and well being.

re-engage. any age. any stage.

Open your action window for the second inning  is supported by senior industry professionals as Patrons, Advisors and Volunteers to add meaning to your life. Retirement or planning to retire may exhaust you. will rejuvenate you. Your second inning is set for a better game.

Play on. Relive. Retyre.