Rajiv is a transformationist through co-creative energy of people for individual and organizational impact. An International Management Consultant, Trainer, Venture Mentor, Social Entrepreneur and Executive Coach by description, he is a well published writer, author and digital expressionist.

He has been a TV and Radio anchor. He is also an inquisitive award winning photographer and a serious poet.

He heads THE PERSONNEL LAB., Management Consultants, New Delhi. He has 5 years of industry and 31 years of consulting and training experience with a variety of MNCs and Indian corporate. He has provided consulting and training facilitations to American, British, German, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Nigerian and Indian corporations besides working for other International UN bodies, funding organizations, Non-profit organizations, colleges and schools in India.

He has authored 8 books. Around 2000 of his articles/columns have been published in English and Hindi national dailies. He has edited over 120 issues of ABCeMag and Ymag. All major newspapers and magazines have given him wide coverage for his crisp and sharp thoughts on various people management subjects. He has been widely acknowledged in print, electronic and web media for the achievements in various fields. He is the Founder and Managing Trustee of International Consulting Professionals’ Institute along with being a Co-founder and Trustee of LUNG CARE FOUNDATION of India.

ICPI Code of EthicsAs a Consulting Professional, I WILL…

  • Consistently upgrade my Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits to serve my clients
  • Act in the best interest of my organisation, clients, customers and partners
  • Treat all information of my clients and customers, that comes in my possession as part of my work, with utmost confidentiality
  • Accept work as per my calibre and/or the calibre of my team/organization
  • Define complete scope of work with my client and work as per the defined terms of agreement
  • Represent and promote the consulting profession with high standards of integrity and governance
  • Disclose with full transparency about any situation where the probability of conflict of interest is foreseen
  • Refrain from soliciting the employees of my clients for any other client or assignment without taking prior approval from the client
  • Uphold the reputation of the Consulting Profession and ICPI
  • Strive to create positive impact on society through my PSR – Professional Social Responsibility