Venture Mentoring

A Startup in the technical domain or an MSME struggling with problems or nurturing dreams to sail through opportunities, needs someone to dispassionately look at the journey from the start point to the destination envisaged. Every milestone needs careful maneuvering, pace and next strategy.

Family Business Mentoring

Family ventures in India serve as the backbone of the economy. Name any field of business or social initiative, and families in India would have played a pivotal role. Family businesses have their own unique style and culture which keep evolving over the time. Market opportunities have been expanding globally; technology has been helping in the need and speed of delivery and the social and family milieu has created new dimensions in control and decisionmaking power-centres, besides the newer generation aspiring for new avenues or seeking a higher and faster stake in the enterprise. Complexities have been rising and so has the commitment to succeed.

Youth Mentoring

Imagine Sachin Tendulkar or Virat Kohli without a Coach or a Mentor! Parents, friends and well meaning relatives could not have put them on the right path for pursuing greatness. We all need a coach, a mentor, a guide, a facilitator, a reflector, a listener, a professional friend or an advisor. The earlier the better!

Career Mentoring

Our journey through different checkpoints is full of Compulsions Ambiguity and Re-prioritizing, yet Enthusiasm Enlightenment and Rejuvenation.</p> <p>How are you sailing through? How often do you feel the need for a coach, a mentor, a guide, a facilitator, a reflector, a listener, a professional friend or an advisor? Considering the appointment of your MENTOR to be the job of your boss or the company alone is letting them take charge of your career. You have the highest stake in your career. You decide. Help for short-term clarity to long-term course correction is just a meeting away.